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  1. Karen says

    My soon to be ex husband got involved with one or more of these scammers. So called woman said she did volunteer work for Unicef at an Orphanage in Nigeria, she had a trust fund of 8 million dollars and needed him to help her recover it and so the requests for money started. They would be married and live happily ever after. She/he even started using his last name. When the money stopped, she threatened suicide, or scammers even told him to tell me she would share her money with me if I let him send more money. (this I read later in one of their correspondences) A Nigerian “diplomat” even came over to the country we were living in to bring the “money” that had to be specially cleaned by a “technician” for $50,000. I thought he was out of it at $6,000 when I discovered the involvement but sadly he believed all the lies and kept sending thousands more. By the time I left over a year and a half ago his losses were up to $25,000 but he continued so I am clueless as to how much he actually sent these criminals. They were using the fake fb profile and internet name of Ashley Roland or Ashley Ellison with him. It just boggles my mind that supposedly bright, educated people fall for these scams.

  2. Darrell says

    I would add to your list of sites. I went there and almost every women was a gorgeous lay now living in ghana or nigeria, Didn’t seem right so I went online and google ghana dating scams for one. Wow. And they all loved me within 15 minutes and after several chats, the money requests came, When I complained to the website, they assured me everything was proper and that they vetted all members but did remove a few I complained about. The first sent some pictures, which for osme reson I had seen elsewhere. In fact I was chatting with one on Yahoo or maybe skype, not sure, when there was a glitch and all of a suddent I am chatting with a black man and not a white woman. AAlso whenever on skype video I noticed that their typing and the image of the person typing did not match. Just some comment.s. And yes I sent a few hundred dollars until I smartened up.

  3. says

    LADIES BEWARE !!! I was befriended by this man on the Christian Mingle site. He professes to be a Godly man, but his lies and scamming proves differently. He is portraying to be Steve Conner at (864) 326-4901 from Townsville, SC is using Magic Jack phone number (239) 300-7107 to call women from dating sites in an attempted to scam them out of money. All indications point to this being a Malaysia/Nigeria scamming operations! He uses email address to pursue his ‘love interest’ and after he processes his ‘love’ for you is when the excuses of why he needs your money to help him start. He claims to be windowed for 4 yrs after a 26 yr marriage, has sons Michael 19 & Rick 14, Aunty who is ill takes care of sons when Steve is out of town on business, family man looking for his soul mate/companion of life. He claims to have been raised/lived in China & DC, well educated, speaks with a soft accent, good looking, 58 yr, 5’10”, grayish/white hair, grey eyes, enjoys ballroom dancing, is a Regional Construction Manager for a large pizza company in Vancouver WA, and does freelance consulting as a side business, has homes in Townsville SC & Matthews NC.

  4. Debra Jenkins says

    Met guy on christian site, name is george morgan, currently working in UK. Said he loved me, wanted to relocate, purchase house, etc. after bout three weeks asked for money for a part for a drilling machine. The funny thing is from the very first of our instant messaging I told him that he was a scammer, and if I found out that to be true, I would contact police, fbi, whoevet, he continued to communicate wiyh me after all that said,

  5. Liliana says

    Hi, I was talking to a guy named Kelvin Mcnaughty who said he has been in the army for many years ready to retired, widow with 2 kids one is 11 and the other one is 5. his wife died from cancer and he is in Afghanistan. His brother Alan Mcnaughty is in the army also, in Nigeria. I even got emails from his kids welcoming as a mother, He knows how to write really well, I kept talking to him for three months and the second week with started talking he asked me to send money to his brother in Nigeria to buy a cell phone he really need it. So I sent the money $400. After that he asked for more money for his brother but when his brother went to pick up his money, he got run over for a car. My BOYFRIEND asked to help him to help his brother who was in the hospital almost dying. So I kept sending him money, But because his brother was in the hospital I had to send the money to one oh his brother’s friend named PAUL SHOLA.
    I sent in total more than $6.000 . I have to admitted I didn’t know about this kind of scams. He promised me to come back from Afghanistan and get married. and the first time he was coming Oct. 12
    2012 something happened he couldn’t make it because his brother was still in Nigeria and I need it to get him more money. So I sent him more money. Nov 20 2012 he was coming from Afghanistan for sure and guess what happened..I received an email from his fake brother telling me he couldn’t make it because he got shot in Afghanistan. So my son told me I was a victim of scammer. As right now he still keeps talking to me and keep telling me he is real and he loves me and the kids are hurt because I think they are not real either. I have all the emails, all the conversations and all the receipts I sent to Nigeria. Please ladies, don’t fall for this kind of person. He is a big scammer and so persistants. This web site helped me today to realized that he is fake. When I confronted him online he said Baby I am going to pay you back, please tell me your bank account number so I send you the money back. I told him I wouldn’t share that information with him. He doesn’t give up . I asked him to let me see his face online, he said because he is in Afghanistan he can do that. he has always an excuse to not let me see his face. PLEASE PLEASE be aware of this guy. He even sent me pictures of him and his 2 lovely kids.
    If you want more information about this, contact me and I will tell you more.

  6. mexicana blondie says

    He says his name is Carlos says to email him to keep in touch at or gives u a number xxx-xxx-8150..all he wants is your money.he comes across as well spoken but there are 4 other women who have fell for it and given him money . Once he can’t get anything else from you he dissapears

  7. faith says

    this woman called c_sandy83 is also is a scammer also. She preys on men who are in a vulnerable depressed state sending them vulgar messages and pictires in order to obtail money from them. Beware if you are contacted by this individual. My fiance was duped before him and I got together and then out of the blue the other day (two years later), she attempts to contact him again which we both found offensive. He would not typically associate with such individuals but at the time he was coming out of a divorce and made some really poor choices. Point, dont trust trash posing on the internet.

  8. jake mashburn says

    these sites are all a scam monica also AKA all are scams this women is from Ghana, but not really she lives in southern california and her and her husband run several web dating sites that keep changing hands and names and owners ect to keep the public officials, from coming down on them or tracking then, I know about this because I had a friend hack into yahoo and find out for me., I can also post her pictures. if any one wants them all the cam dating scams are from Ghana , the Caribbean or Mexico and South America , Russia and the Ukraine.

  9. Chris says

    Has anybody came across or been contacted by a lady named jenny or jennifer martinez. If so please let me know. Thank you.

  10. Aaron Ross says

    Another is a person by the name of Sherry Coffee,Sherrycoffee25,yahoo id if love is a crime……. this is another scam and she or he is still on facebook check it out

  11. zahida says

    can someone please help me i need to show some pics of a guy that tried to scam me

  12. notsayingoutofprotect says

    I met on of the worse of the worse women on the internet. She has gotten into relationships with many men. She not only lies about everything she will work the relationship for months sometimes years while getting the man to give give give until he is totally broke. The worst part is she does this by getting “into the guys heart”. He falls for her and gives her everything. The whole time she cheats on him meeting her next “victim” and lies about where she goes and who she is with. I not only talked with several of her ex “boyfriends” but it happened to me and when I spoke with them her Motive was exactly the same. She does it over and over. I was so “suckered” her. She always lies and even lied to the point that she doesn’t have kids (How can a mother do that?). She really does have 2 that are adults in her home country of Bolivia. Her favorite site to hunt for her victims is that Tagged site. She is located in Annandale VA (outside of Washington DC). She is very patient and will make it look like she really likes you and even says she loves you when she really doesn’t. WATCH OUT FOR HER. she is very slick. This is the worst type of scammer because she is not only just online she is REAL and will get into your heart and use it for her advantage. She says she is 38 on the site but she is really 40. her name is Beby A.

  13. Missy says

    Women, beware of JohnPetson52 and Successfulbliss! John Petson is a Nigerian Scam; he will have someone in the US send you fake chaecks, ask you to cash them and keep $500. fo your trouble. Don’t believe it! Both of these were from SugarDaddy.

  14. carolyn says

    Hi there, I have been talking to a guy tht says he is a major in the US army. His name & rank appear to be true, although I have this feeling he isnt exactly what he says he is. He approached me on the interpals dating network, has sent me lots of photographs of himself & children. His uniform does have the name he uses on it. He has not actually asked me yet for any money. His wife apparently died during childbirth with his second child, his daughter survived. His children are aged 11 & 5yrs. He has declared his undying love for me, says he is due to retire from the army soon & wants us all to be 2gether as a family. I am really not sure if he is a scammer or not, but having read alot of different comments with regards to the way scammers are operating, its made me very suspiciuos. To be honest he comes across as an absolutely wonderful man, I have spoken to him many times on the phone. Just dont really know how to find out for sure, would love some help & advise on this if anyone has any thoughts

  15. Anonymous says

    Yahoo.personals are packed full of scammers from Nigeria,and Russia, these girls all say that they love you and that you are the one that they were looking for all of ther lives… you are the only one for them…. and They call you there husband and that they are your wife to be soon but there is just one problem they all need money… and it is a little at first and then they need more and then more before you know it … they have gootten a large of money from you … they all say that they are not like the other girls and that they are honest and could never do you like that ever….some of them say to you that they will pay you back when they get to you… don’t believe them they all will try to convince you that they are real but they avoid most questions that would give you the real answer… Don’t believe them … I say this to you because I fell for ther lies and lost a great deal of money they are all the same believe…. it has happen to me…..over 15000.00 dollars worth and never seen the first girl yet… can it stupid of me but let this be your lesson too that they all lie…. they will try to use have faith in me and try to use the Bible on me …. But they didn ‘t know that they say that they were in the ministry .. well that is were they messed up ..these people know very little about the Word of God……They are Liars

  16. MARY says

    Hi well here I am,I have been talking to a supposed major in the U.S. army for over 10 months, he is madly in love with me, and I have become his world,wife,angel,darling,(got a bucket) he has only now asked me for help with money said he ran from Afghanistan because he loved me (how sweet) now he is trapped in the UK and nothing will stop him from coming to me.. oh yeah he needs airfare, I told him I would arrange for his flight and all he had to do was pick his ticket up at the airport.. Totally unheard of I didnt trust him,hmmm. his parents died years ago his wife passed away from breast cancer,he has a son who is also his brother he advoids direct questions and answers questions with a question, has given me a cell phone number but said its not working well, he’ll call me only long enough to ask me to come on line.said he was brought to me by GOD, he is a romantic speaker with all the right words at the right time, and his name is major james wagner,to tell the truth it would be wonderful if he was for realhe always speaks of GOD and said what would his life be like without me in be careful for this smooth talker ladies,he almost had me but reality pulled me back.

  17. katebruce82 and c.sandy83 says

    the same scammer is using allk these websites!!!!!!!!!!!! kate bruce is also kateseekintruth on the love and seek website and c.sandy83 is on yahoo personals and katebruce82 is yahoo personals Iwill post photoes also

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