How to turn off the auto complete in Firefox and IE (explorer)

thumbnailThis is one of those really annoying things that you have to do a search for to find out how to reconfigure
your browser. If you want to get rid of that auto complete in your search bar here is how you turn it off for google, firefox and IE, ( Internet Explorer.)
Auto complete is when you start to enter something in googles search engine and they suggest the rest of your sentence for you. I really hate this. Internet explorer has the same feature.
To turn these off you need to change your settings.
In Firefox:
Go to your toolbar, (the very top of your screen when you have your browser open)
Select “tools”
Then select “options”
Then select “privacy”
Uncheck “Remember what I enter in forms in the search bar” and ok.

For Internet Explorer
# Open the Internet Explorer browser.
# From the Internet Explorer menu, select ‘Tools’
# Select ‘Internet Options’
# Click ‘Content’
# Click the ‘AutoComplete’ button
# Click ‘Clear Forms’
# Click ‘OK’ to the ‘Clear all previously saved form entries except passwords’ dialog
# Click ‘Clear Passwords’
# Click ‘OK’ to the ‘Clear all previously saved form passwords’ dialog.
# Uncheck all entries under ‘Use AutoComplete for’
# Click OK

Now you still need to change your settings in google to stop them from filling in your search terms and auto completing those!
In your google “splash” page or the page most people have when they use google is this:

How to turn off googles auto suggest or complete
How to turn off googles auto suggest or complete

See the 3 lines next to the bar, ( if you have never noticed this, you are not alone!)
Select preferences
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Query Suggestions-
and uncheck Provide query suggestions in the search box.

This will stop the suggestions. Now if you use a cleaner such as CC cleaner or any registry cleaner or something that clears your cookies, you will have to reset this preference, which I find highly annoying.
I wish they had made the default to be turned off rather then on.
Hope this helps you! If it did or you have anything to add, please leave me a comment
Happy annoyance free searching.

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