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Internet Dating -Personal Ads Scams-How to avoid getting scammed

Internet Dating -Personal Ads Scams-How to avoid getting scammed
The basic premise of this scam is you are contacted by someone who needs money advanced to them, but the hook is, you will get a huge return back, since it is only temporary until their millions are freed up. This scam always plays out to be a large convoluted story involving lawyers, family and some catastrophic situation like death of a family member who somehow seemed to have left a large fortune they just cannot access at this time.

Linda Lee and Judith Marshall Authors

What I’ve learned about building a platform and/or marketing your book online.

What I’ve learned about building a platform and/or marketing your book online.
By Judith Marshall

After you’ve set up you blog or website, you need to join and participate in online communities — and I mean participate, so don’t over-extend yourself. I started with the usual Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but I’ve now found several sites that cater to readers and authors


Fake Door to Door Magazine Sales- Don’t get scammed!

Scam Mentoring Programs, Work Programs, Training Programs that bus people from town to town. I live in a small town in California and on a quiet court where all the neighbors know each other for decades and we look out for each other too. We all have dogs that bark and no set schedules either […]

WordPress Total Training Course

65 Videos, and text PDF’s that cover everything you need to know.

WordPress Total Training Course offers everything you need to learn WordPress.
WordPress Total Training Community for ongoing support.

Always updated and always current.

Learn how to use WordPress like a Pro

WordPress Training Course

  1. Buying and Setting up a Domain Name
  2. Setting up your Hosting
  3. Working with DNS |Domain Name Server
  4. Installing WordPress
  5. Themes
  6. Working with the dashboard or administration panel
  7. Permalinks
  8. Comments-blacklist, ip blocking bad behavior
  9. Plugins-installing them
  10. Working with plugins
  11. Our “must have” set of plugins for every WordPress site
  12. Askimet anti spam, how to set it up
  13. Gravatars, what are they and why do I need one?
  14. Contact Page Set Up
  15. Database backup tool and how to install and set it up
  16. RSS Feeds, how they work, and how to set them up.
  17. Adding Twitter badges, widgets, tools
  18. Adding Facebook badges, widgets, tools
  19. Adding Linkedin badges, widgets, tools
  20. Adding flickr widgets and displays
  21. Managing the User/Admin section
  22. Basic Seo tools and plugins
  23. Image management
  24. Image settings
  25. How to add videos to your site
  26. How to add MP3’s or Podcasts
  27. How to add PDF’s or Documents for downloading or viewing
  28. How to work with widgets
  29. How to set up your sidebars
  30. How to add an image and a link to the sidebar
  31. How to add advertising
  32. Text Widgets, how to use them
  33. How to add affiliate advertising
  34. How to add your email program code for email sign up
  35. Working with images, resizing, and optimizing
  36. How to create and manage custom menu’s
  37. How to create a gallery on a page or post
  38. How to create a slideshow
  39. How to add a custom header
  40. Image resizing tools
  41. How to change colors or fonts on your site
  42. Installing Google analytics
  43. Installing other statistic programs and counters
  44. How to create, write and publish a post
  45. How to create, write and publish a page
  46. Adding Keywords
  47. Adding SEO information
  48. How to add an image to a post or page
  49. How to work with different page layouts
  50. How to schedule your posts to publish
  51. Content 101-length-topic-links
  52. Tips on creating effective titles
  53. Tools to make social media manageable and save you a ton of time.
  54. The secret to attracting reader
  55. How to set up a product
  56. How to set up a digital download
  57. How to add PayPal on your site
  58. Other shopping cart options
  59. Link building
  60. Having people guest post
  61. Encouraging commenting
  62. Managing your comments
  63. Advanced spam management
  64. Keeping your site up to date/blog maintenance
  65. Membership Websites

This  WordPress course is designed to help you learn everything you need to know to start,
launch and run a successful WordPress site

All early signups will be offered a 100.00 discount.
Will be 495.00 after launch. Pre-launch price is 395.00
Buy now at the discounted price.

Launching June 2014.


Empower Network Scam, Rip Off, Complaints- A real review

Empower Network is a scam, rip off and bad news!
A real look at Empower Network, not a fake review.

Empower Network Beware no refund policy Empower Network Scam Banned Facebook

I seriously hate all the fake reviews of things online now. There are so many for Empower Network,  and please ask yourself the question why? Because so many people are googling is Empower Network a scam, that the people trying to get you to sign up 
are writing all these fake posts and reviews to trap you. It is so dishonest.


Here are some sure signs you are about to be scammed and ripped off.

  1. They cannot use normal payment and safe channels, like Paypal or merchant accounts.
  2. No refund policy. (Always a bad sign).
  3. They are banned on Facebook. Also Craigslist, eBay, YouTube, they come and go quickly. Why? Because they are spammy scammy!
  4.  Google has zero page rank, that is a 0 for any of  all the thousands of blogs that people are paying them for.  (see video)
  5.  The only way to make money is too get other people to join. (Ponzi scheme, MLM scheme).
  6.  You start using words like, my “family” in the Empower Network and so forth. RUN for your life!

    How can you see all the pages on a website? Watch my video below and see how, and I will show you how all those thousand of blogs people are paying for have a zero page, which means no one is finding them unless they send them there with a link from someone of their own. That is a heck of a lot of work people!

    To check out all the pages on any domain, all you have to do it go to google search and enter site:empowernetwork.com
    (obviously insert the site you are checking out), and that brings up all the pages on that domain. Here we get see how everyone paying Empower Network has the exact same website and no traffic or page ranking in google. 

    I hate scammers on the internet. Since I started online in 1998 selling e-books on eBay, I have met every kind of scammer and scam scum you could imagine. eBay was like wild west back then and it was horrible.
    Other criminal scammers and sellers would ruin all your auctions and ruin you.
    It was like a battle zone back then and every scam you can think of could be found on eBay.

    I am always on the lookout to warn people about the most obvious of scams and this Empower Network Scam set off every bell I know.
    One of the problems now in researching scams is all these people who work for and sell the scams now write negative headlines and even make negative videos on youtube, saying scam, fraud, etc… but actually endorse the products or people like this company, so it is getting even harder to find real information like I am doing today on scams!

    I was cleaning out old email when I ran across someone who had hired me years ago to do some graphics for her. I was curious what she was doing now, because she seemed like a bit of a lost soul online to me and very muddled in what she was trying to do. When I went to her new website I was dismayed to see her with a predone scam websites and then I sadly saw she was sucked in hook line and and sinker with this Empower Network Scam.

    She is getting a divorce and wants to get her half of the money to buy more into the Empower Network!

    This is a quote off her website, ” I am settling for  a lump sum payment for myself to get “all in” with Empower and have some funds left over to advertise.  I can only do this because of my 100% belief I have in Dave and Dave and Empower Network.”.
    She writes about how her lawyer made her sign a paper that she will not come back and sue him for what she is doing.
    Do you think warning bells should be going off for this lady?
    She sounds really lost and sad and she is saying things like brainwashed people in cults says like this:

    • “my new family of marketer’s in Empower Network”

    • “It’s a movement of like minded people that want to live a life of abundance and freedom! Everyone is welcome, come join us!”

    • “I have complete faith in Dave and Dave and Empower Network!”

    I always wonder how people can fall for stuff like this. I think it is like daydreaming about winning the lottery.
    With one click on Google, you can find out how dishonest and wrong these scams are, but no, people seem to just want to buy the dream so badly, especially like my poor lady above who is at a very time in her life and looking for hope and a lifeline.

    First off all this is, is another MLM, or multiple level marketing scheme. Been around forever and the model does work for Amway, MaryKay, and others, and they actually have real products to sell.

    This rip off scam does not even have a product. 
    Next the first place I always go to research scams is who is running them?
    In this case we have two guys, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.
    Who are these guys and where do they come from?

    Empower Network Scam owners Dave Wood, Dave SharpeDavid Wood: lives in Costa Rica, the Empower Network payout bank account is listed as in London and he has his company registered as a foreign entity from Delaware in Florida. They cannot use normal payment channels, like Paypal, (HUGE RED FLAG), so they make their members pay for a payment system they use called e-wallet ($19.99 per month) - In order to get paid, you need to pay for their payment processor.  This is unheard of and the only reason that Empower Network has to do this is because they are based in Costa Rica and they cannot get accounts with Paypal or a normal Merchant account because these companies classify Empower as ILLEGAL.

    Dave Sharpe:  He says him and the other Dave are ex-addicts, and homeless guys, who failed at all internet business endeavors  I cannot seem to find any actual real information on either of them. I could if I wanted to spend more hours on this, but I don’t.  The sad fact is, legit, real people are easy to research online and easy to find real profiles, addresses and people who know them. With these two it is very difficult to find real information on them.

    It took me about 2 hours of shifting through fake “scam” reviews that all linked to the Empower Network website, to actually find some good legitimate articles about what a rip off and fraud Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe are.
    I am listing them here to save you the time.

    Empowered to Expose the Empower Network Fraud

    Rip Off Report, Empower Network Scam

    Empower Network, Two Thumbs Down

    Why I left the Empower Network


    They are so scammy and spammy that they got banned on facebook.  Here is funny paragraph from a guy who turned around the ban into his own little scammy course telling the cult members to try some different methods.


    Facebook Shuts Down Empower Network – HELP!

    So right now… many people in Empower Network are panicking because Facebook just shut down Dave & Dave’s 8,000 people strong Empower Network group and marked all Empower Network links as SPAMMY or unsafe…

    …meaning you CANNOT promote Empower Network on Facebook anymore! (In the traditional way – solution below)…

    There’s going to be a massive panic as Facebook has been the ONLY way for most marketers to market Empower Network… People have been CRUSHING it by using Facebook apps, auto poster software and contacting people with their affiliate link… now, it’s all gone wrong…

    Pretty funny , but so sad for the people who have paid 1,000’s of dollars to these creeps.

    Here are a few quotes from people who have been burned.

    “Big Ideal Mastermind is part of Empower Network. This pure hype and BS They get you join for $45. Then they tell you that this is the basic level and the training and money you make at this level is not very good and need to upgrade good to the $500 level. or $1000 or all in at $3500. They don’t tell you that up front..”

    “I got sucked into the Empower Network world last year … it didn’t take me long to realize, WTH?! This is NOT what they were promising/guaranteeing. The thing that GETS me the most … a $25 investment, until they guilt you into spending thousands (that MOST people don’t have to part with) … grrrrrr.
    Anyway, I got outta there and FAST!!”

    “This man in costa rica is laughing all the way to his multiple offshore bank accounts while you poor, desperate individuals dump not only monthly fees but also this starter kit money into this guy’s pocket. Is it really EN’s fault that they have such a lack of ethics and compassion for desperate human beings.
    At the end of the day, remember this. There is no such thing, and there will NEVER be such a thing as making exorbitant amounts of money from a few mouse-clicks on your living room couch. It will never happen, get it out of your head. Go out there and find a real job, or, start your OWN business. “

     “I am a member of empower network and joined around June first 2012. Since then I have only sponsored one person. I to was under the impression that it was only $25 to join and 100% commission and all I had to do was to blog daily and advertise for one hour.
    It is now almost 4 months later and all I have is just 2 people one I sponsored and their 2nd person. The 100% commission is not really true because you have to pay fees on that $25 and it totals out to about $19 and a few cents so really it only about $19 a month you will be getting on all basic members that you sponsor if you can sponsor enough people. 
    They do not inform you of the other fees involved such as affiliate fees and eWallet fees which $19.95 each and the total out of pocket for that part is $64.90. You would have to sponsor at least 4 people to broke even because you only get back about $19 for each one on basic level. 

    The money does not go directly to your bank account, that is another myth, it is process from your empower network account to eWallet merchant account and that takes about 3 weeks (not sure) if you are a new member and then it takes about I do not how long to process that to be transfered into your bank account.

     I blogged every day and I did not see any of my titles at the top of google.” (This is one of the promises Empower Network sells to people).

    “Take a look at the people promoting it, the whole thing is like a who’s who of the online scamming world.”

    This is a shot from a forum where all these get rich quick guys tell each other what is working and what is not.
    This guy gave it a shot and then explains how it broke down fast. No money to be there and this is from a guy who knows how to work a “system”.

    It’s always amazing to me how many people will get lathered up and jump into something as long as there are huge dollar figures mentioned in the pitch, and then try to find a way to justify it afterward. 

    Sure, the people marketing this were very crafty in setting it up to make this sort of appeal, and to ‘convert’ such a high number. But come on…maybe you shouldn’t be concerned ONLY with ‘conversion rates’ – after all, Jim Jones had a nearly 100% conversion rate, with his final ‘offer.’ 

    There is no ‘product’ with Empower, other than ‘the dream’ of getting rich quick, at any cost. They rely totally upon the unbridled enthusiasm of those who are ‘desperate to get rich,’ and upon the lock-step conformity of their newly formed devotees. 

    This sort of thing is just like a prairie fire…it’s big, bright, and burning with intensity, but also leaves behind a smoking trail of devastation. The object is to be one of those who moves along with the fire, and who keeps frantically stoking it with all the human fodder they can find.

    “It is hilarious that people are willing to pay $25 a month for a free blog, $100 a month for motivational speaking and $1,600 for a outdated seo course that who knows how many people are using. Do people still believe they can outsmart a multi billion dollar company?
    You think the share holders paying $600 a share will put up with some punks doing this.
    This program has cult and suckers written all over it.
    Oh yeah this David wood guy use to live in a van with no im experience lol
    Get real folks.”

    “I was in empower network and got no traffic from the blog they gave me after being in for a month i quit and went back to my own blogs where i have more success.”

    “I joined EN 3 months ago under one of the top earners. I have not made any money. She keeps claiming most of her downline is making $10000 a month. I think I am pretty gullible”

    Originally Posted by View Post
    from what i found out simple2advertise is just another company that has EN landing pages to advertise EN. i guess they need an entire new domain or something to host so ppl can get their ads through?

    correct me if i’m wrong.

    Yeah, Empower Network has been banned by YouTube, Facebook, and Craigslist, so they need other ways to spam their stuff on those properties.

    I’m sure they told their members there were other reasons why they created a new domain to use. Probably fed them some garbage about why YouTube, Facebook, and Craigslist banned them too.”

    If you are deciding to join Empower Network, think about this for a minute.

    Resource: Empower Network Income Disclaimer page : (look it up online, I do not want any links to them on my site.)

    So basically this says that out over everyone who signs up, 91% do not make a profit. This includes people who signup and leave immediately or never try, but that should say something about this system. It’s so successful that only 9% actually make more money than they spend Overall.
    So just ask yourself this question, are you part of the 9%. Because if you have any doubt whether you can make it or not, 91% failure rate is something to think about.
    And if I was running a company, I would be ashamed that 91% of people could not use the Training (Top Notch as they say) or system to make money (full proof as some claim).
    Also to all the people claiming they are making money with this system, some of them are lying, the numbers speak for themselves.”

     Click this image to see full size.
    Expert at working scams breaks empower scam down as no good

    I hope you find this helpful or if someone you know is falling for this scam, send them to this article. I really hate to see people getting ripped off.
    Many people join because they want to learn blogging and figure out internet marketing.
    This is what I teach people to do, and I have a membership website launching in the summer that is real information on how to set up your own website in WordPress and 
    help for you along the way. I do not promise riches for people. Working online and building a solid business online takes time and ongoing effort.
    There is no get rich quick way to make money online.  I have seen so many get rich quick schemes like this Empower Network come and go over the last decade it is crazy.
    People who fall for it try to make themselves feel better by saying , hey I learned how to blog, or I learned so much, but none of them go on to make any money or have any success online. That makes me sad. Please realize that you can start your own website for FREE, on wordpress.com if you have no money, and WordPress offers all kind of training for FREE.
    You do not have to pay someone 25-150 a month to learn these things.
    I also do one on one remote training if anyone is looking for a real live person, you can phone up and work with on your own computer, who also uses Paypal and has a legitameate track record and business. I am happy to help you get started online.

    Click here to visit my other websites.
    Askmepc-webdesign.com, WordPress Website and Training
    WordPressCentral.org, FREE WordPress Help and Videos
    WordPressTotalTraining,  Always up to date WordPress Membership and Training , the last WordPress Resource you will even need. Launching Summer 2013.


Build Your Blog Bootcamp and Self Publishing Bootcamp


Linda Lee not only teaches you the ins and outs of the most popular free blogging platform on the planet, she will lead you in a hands-on application of your newfound skills to create your very own author blog.
She’ll even give you tips on content!
You must bring your wifi-enabled laptop because you’ll be creating your blog LIVE!

What you will learn:

  • We will set up your WordPress website on the spot.
  • If you already have a WordPress website, we will use that as we learn.
  • You will learn how to write a post or page
  • How to add keywords, tags and categories
  • How to search engine optimize every post or page on your website
  • How to work with images
  • How to upload images and place them in your pages or posts
  • How to work with sizes of images on your website
  • How to add space and align your images
  • You will set up a Gravatar account and your Gravatar image
  • How to moderate comments and avoid spam
  • Understanding the dashboard inside WordPress
  • There will be a question and answer time block
  • You will have access after class to videos going over everything we have learned

What people are saying about Linda Lee and her training:

“Linda Lee made it very easy to understand and follow what we learned.
This is great education and it helped me very much!”

Nate Esnbund

“I found this training invaluable. I left with a WordPress website and I understood how to use the basics.
I had tried to learn on my own, but found it too confusing. Linda takes the complicated and makes it very easy to understand.”

Jim Baily

“I finally got to build a website for my business. You made it so easy to understand and I walked out with a website and
the knowledge I needed to use it.”

Jan Holvey

“I am so glad I took this class. It was exactly what I was looking for. The follow up videos were very helpful to refresh what
I had already learned in the class. I also love my new website and I finally have a Gravatar when I leave comments online”.

Grace Ambro

Date: Sat June 30, 2012
Time: 9:00 am -12:30

Bring your computer, we will  be working live
and we have Wifi access for all.
Coffee and morning snack provided

Click Here to Buy Now

In the afternoon you can sign up for:


Cost: $149.00 per boot camp or both for $273.00    
These no-nonsense boot camps will arm you with all the information you need to plan and publish your book.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of one-on-one consulting with authors on self-publishing, and I can tell you that the dollars really add up. So save time and money in the learning process and avoid costly mistakes. The cost of this workshop gives you over $1000 worth of self-publishing guidance It’s worth your time and money. Promise! –Carla King

Here’s what you’ll learn from the next Self-Publishing Boot Camp afternoon workshop:

– Find your path from the many self-publishing options
– Budget: From free to fee, what’s worth paying for and what’s not
– How to find and work with editors, designers, and ebook formatters
– Self-publishing, partner-publishing, and getting a traditional book deal
– Develop a platform to successfully market and promote your book
– Book discovery: Websites, social media, and SEO for dummies
– Distribution possibilities for your ebook, print book, and book app
– Avoid common self-publishing pitfalls

You also get:

– The latest print edition of Carla King’s Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide under 100 pages with handy checklists to make sure you don’t forget to do anything.

- A discount for membership in SPANpro, the premium content and community area of the Small Publishers Association of North America, a nonprofit trade association of authors and independent publishers with the mission of building successful writing and publishing businesses.